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All Species Parrot Club 
We are an all-species club, not just limited to Macaws. Our purpose is to educate and learn about the owning of and caring for all types of parrots.
American Federation of Aviculture
The AFA is a federation, comprised of over 200 affiliated bird clubs and organizations representing over 50,000 aviculturists.
Asiatic Breeders' Association
Avicultural Society of America
Devoted to birds in aviaries & preserving species
Birds Australia Parrot Association
Established in 1996 to promote conservation, research and management of wild parrots and cockatoos.
Exotic Bird Breeders Association of America
Linking Breeders Across America" Through our official journal, the Breeders' Bulletin.
International Aviculturists Society
IAS is a Group of Aviculturists from around the world striving to Protect, Preserve,& Enhance the keeping & breeding of all Exotic birds.
Midwest Avian Research Expo
Group of pet bird owners, aviculturists, and veterinarians whose common goal is to produce research dollars to further the lives of our birds.
North American Parrot Society
For those interested in showing parrots.
Parrot Association of Canada
To promote high standards in the keeping of parrots by educating the public and the media.
Parrot Preservation Society
Intend to provide our published articles and advise freely to benefit aviculture throughout the world.
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
PIJAC's mission involves education, information and advocacy and PIJAC serves as the industry's unified voice.
Parrot Society of Australia
Dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of information on the breeding, keeping, care and conservation of all parrot species.
Parrot Society UK
Established this Web Site early in 1999 to encourage the keeping, breeding, husbandry,
research and conservation, of the Parrot Species of Birds and to promote these objectives in accordance with the Society's constitution and aims.
Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
The Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors, Inc., (SPBE) is a society consisting of people who breed parrots and/or exhibit them.
Stockholm Bird Association
Lots of pictures and information on parrots in Sweden.
Tropical Rainforest Coalition
To preserve tropical rainforest ecosystems, their indiginous peoples and cultures at the local level through enabling volunteerism and through community education, and at the international level through technical and financial support for recognized organizations involved in the conservation of tropical rainforests..
World Parrot Trust 
Canadian World Parrot Trust
Is the only international organization dedicated exclusively to the survival and welfare of the world's parrot species.

Species Specific

African Love Bird Society
Is an international organization dedicated to the keeping, breeding, and showing of lovebirds. The term "Lovebird" refers to the nine species of small African Parrots of the Genus "Agapornis".
African Parrot Society
Devoted to African parrots, greys, vasas, poicephalus (meyers, senegals,capes, jardines, etc). Info, articles, pictures.
Amazona Society
World's oldest and most comprehensive network on Amazons.
American Budgerigar Society
Supports breeder, exhibitors and lovers of budgerigars. Info, national show and local club support.
American Cockatiel Society
Established in 1976 as an international non-profit organization, dedicated to the improvement and standardization of the Cockatiel and its mutations.
Belgium Lory Society
Members in many European countries. Articles on Lorys, Loriculus and Fig Parrots.
Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar Society
Is dedicated to the encouragement and support of those interested in the budgerigar for exhibition. Blue Chip is an affiliated club of The American Budgerigar Society.
Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society of Canada
In 1938, the Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society was formed by a small group of bird fanciers.
Eclectus Society
Devoted to promoting the eclectus parrot. Articles, photos, breeders list etc.
International Parrotlet Society
Promotes interest in parrotlets, whether for exhibition, reproduction, care, knowledge, conservation, study, companion birds, or hobby.
Lory Journal International
The Lori Journal International a highly professional magazine about Lories, Lorikeets, Hanging Parrots and Fig Parrots.
National Finch & Softbill Society
Devoted to conservation, breeding, exhibiting and enjoyment of finches and softbills. Programs, shows, standards, bands.
National Cockatiel Society
NCS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information on the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of Cockatiels.
North American Cockatiel Society
A club dedicated to the Pet Cockatiel owner as well as breeders.
North East Budgerigar Society
The North East Budgerigar Society of South Australia Inc. (N.E.B.S.) was formed in 1974.
Pionus Breeders Association
Founded by aviculturalist Hank Brawley in 1980, the Pionus Breeders Association is a
worldwide network of breeders, pet owners, scientists, and conservationists.
Pionus Parrots Research Foundation 
The Pionus Parrots Research Foundation was founded in 1999 with the goal to conduct, support, and fund joint amateur and professional primary research on parrots of the Pionus species.

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