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Submitted Pictures

The Parrot Pages - Picture Project

We are always in the process of collecting links to as many pictures of birds as possible.  When someone is looking for information about a new bird they always want to see a picture.  Sometimes birds go under more than one common name  and a picture can help clarify that.  If you have a picture of your pet, birds you breed, or know of pictures anywhere on the web please pass the URL to us.  If you have a picture and you can't get it on the web contact us and we can help out.  Remember, the pictures are the property of the owners.  Please get permission to reproduce any pictures.

Where you will be able to find links to pictures on most Cockatiel Mutations available on the web.  Visitors can enter links to their pictures too! It's just starting out so if you have great pictures you want to share add them to the project.

African Greys

African Grey World 
The Magnificent African Grey Photo Gallery
Dandy the African Grey


Hispaniolan Amazon  


Me & My Budgie


CNC Aviary
National Cockatiel Society
American Cockatiel Society
North American Cockatiel Society


Cockatoo Addicts Site 
Molucaan Cockatoo
Hookbill Haven Parrots - Toos, Macaws, Amazons, Lovebirds, Conures, Caiques, & more 


Hideaway Farms - Comparison between Cherry Head, Mitred, Wagler, and Finsch's Conures.  Parrotlet comparisons.


Land of Vos
The Magnificent Eclectus Photo Gallery


CNC Aviary - Quakers, Conures, Congo Greys, Cockatiels, Bronze Wing Pionus, Parrotlets, YC Macaws
I Luv Birds - Nandays, Greys, Albino Ringneck Dove, & more 
Just Birds and Stuff - Baby Pictures, Lovebirds, Macaws 
Parrot Society of Australia
Pet Bird Page
The Jolleys - Cockatiels, Timneh Greys 
Parrot Breeder in the Netherlands - Amazons, Macaws, and many more. 
Great Billed Parrot 
Bomba and Kiki's Pet Shop
Bob Perry - Photographing the Natural World  


Lovebird Lane 


Psitta-Scenes - Macaws and Greys 


Little Big Birds

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