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Parrot Pictures

This page contains thumbnail photos.  To see the picture full size click on any picture.

Quaker Parakeets   

Watch as a young Quaker goes from a little ball of yellow fuzz to a green and fun pet.

Quaker at 2 Weeks

2 Weeks

Quaker at 3 weeks

3 Weeks

Quaker at 4 weeks

4 Weeks

Quaker at 6 weeks

6 Weeks

Bronze Wing Pionus

Bronze Wing at 4 weeks

4 Weeks

Bronze Wing at 6 weeks

6 Weeks

Bronze Wing at 8 weeks

8 Weeks

BW1.jpg (27231 bytes)

  12 weeks

bw2.jpg (4164 bytes)

12 weeks

Click to enlarge

Green-Cheek Conure

Blue Crown Conures

Follow these guys that start off as all beak to talkative pets.

Blue Crown Conure at 2 weeks

2 Weeks

Blue Crown Conures at 4 weeks

4 Weeks - We called these guys Godzilla and Rodan and if you heard them you would know why.

Blue Crown Conures at 7 weeks

7 Weeks

Blue Crown Conure at 10 weeks

10 Weeks

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Sun Conure

Sun_1-2yr_1.jpg (19468 bytes)

One of our babies at 1 1/2 years old

Senegal Parrot

senegals_7w.jpg (38692 bytes)

7 weeks old - 11/6/00


senegal_120800.jpg (72324 bytes)

12 weeks old - 12/8/00


senegal_over.jpg (61452 bytes)

12 weeks old - 12/8/00

senegal121302.jpg (97179 bytes)

Hatch: 11/02
Picture: 12/13/02

senegal030203_2.jpg (81982 bytes)

Hatch: 11/02
Picture: 02/03/03

Umbrella Cockatoo

   Umbrella1.jpg (22232 bytes)

One of our pets.

Wagler Conure

WaglerConureMale.jpg (47832 bytes)


Red-Throat Conure

The red throat develops as they age.

Click to enlarge



Hatch: 6/28 - 7/2/01
Picture: 10/21/01

BHC102101.jpg (36568 bytes)

Green Cheek Conure
greenCheekSS121202.jpg (106541 bytes)

Hatch: 10/02
Pictures: 12/12/02

Goldcap Conure

  GoldCapConure030203.jpg (33030 bytes)

Hatch: 11/28/02
Picture: 02/03/03

Brown Headed Parrot

brownHead1201.jpg (123362 bytes)

Picture: 12/10/01
Hatch: 11/02/01

brownHeadF121202.jpg (30141 bytes)    BrownHead030203_2.jpg (36290 bytes)
Picture: 12/12/02       Picture: 02/03/03
Hatch: 10/02

   Birds we have had in the past.

Pacific Parrotlet (F)
Pacific Parrotlets  
(Forpus coelestis)

The Pacific's are probably the most common parrotlet.  Males can be distinguished from the females due to bright blue streaks behind the eyes and a bright blue rump.  If you want a large parrot in a small package these are the pets for you.  They are only 5-6 inches and are smaller than some budgies.  There not great talkers but, they are vocal and not loud. Links: International Parrotlet Society

Click to Enlarge
Yellow-Collared Macaws

(Ara auricollis)
The Yellow Collared is considered a mini-macaw verses it's bigger cousins.  These come in at 15-16 inches. Though mostly green through the body, their wings are blue and tail is red and blue. They have the same demeanor as the larger macaws and can be treated the same way. Their natural distribution is southern Brazil, Paraguay, and north-western Argentina.



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