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Conures are like miniature macaws with the same character and inquisitiveness.  If you are looking for a macaw's personality in a smaller package a conure may be for you.  Most talk but they're not like a Grey or Quaker.
BlueCrown10w.jpg (12705 bytes)
Blue Crown Conures

(Thectocercus acuticaudata)
The Blue Crowns are one of the larger conures at 14-15 inches.  They are probably the best talking conures and have a easy temperament.  Even the babies are vocal too.  They have become popular since being stars of a movie but that's not the reason to buy them, they are just nice pets.

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Green-Cheek Conures

(pyrrhura m. restrica &
  pyrrhura m. molinea)
The pyrrhura conures are the quieter conures.  They are about 10 inches long and are smaller than a cockatiel.  These guys are fun and are nice pets when you don't have a lot of space and want an inexpensive conure. They originate mostly from Bolivia.  They make a nice pet if you don't have lot's of space or are in an apartment.

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CherryHead_tmb.jpg (19718 bytes)
Cherry Head Conure
aka. Red Masked Conure
(aritanga erythrogenys)

The Cherry Head has red over most of it's head.  A young Cherry Head has little or no red until it starts to mature.  It is common with many of the conures that it takes up to 2 years to get to full color.  At about 13 inches long, they are a little smaller than the Blue Crown. Their natural habitat is western Ecuador and north-western Peru.


brownThroat071002.jpg (56312 bytes)
Brown Throat Conure

(Aratinga pertinax chrysophrys)
The Brown Throat is a little bigger than a Green Cheek. There are 14 sub-species with only a few available in the US.  They are playful and can do a little talking. The chrysophrys is from southeast Venezuela, Guyana and extreme northern Brazil.

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