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All our cockatiels are Exhibition Quality

(Nymphicus hollandicus)

albino.jpg (31672 bytes)

(Whiteface - Lutino)

wf_cinn_pearl_tmb.jpg (8954 bytes)

Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl

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Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet birds. The reason is their even tempered personalities. This makes for a perfect first pet bird for most people.  They are also good with kids and anyone else.

Most cockatiels are sexually dimorphic, which means you can tell the sex of the bird by it's coloring. This is true for most cockatiels except Albinos, Lutinos, and Pieds. Male cockatiels can learn to talk and are more vocal. Females do not talk.  When it comes to mutations one thing to know is that Pearl Males lose their pearling after their first molt around 6 months old.  After the first molt is also the time when you can tell the sex of the bird.

It is important to keep your cockatiel's wings trimmed. This helps with safety and personality. They are very strong flyers.  We have heard too many stories of pets that have flown away.  For the new owner you should purchase a bird that has been clipped.  It is important to watch the bird after it's first molt. The previously trimmed feathers will be replaced with new ones allowing the bird full flight again.

National Cockatiel Society Awards

For NCS Show Results Click Here

Normal Grey
Cinnamon Pied
Cinnamon Pearl
Cinnamon Pearl Pied
Yellow Cheek
Whiteface Cinnamon 
Whiteface Pearl
Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl
Whiteface Pied
Whiteface Cinnamon Pied
Albino - Whiteface/Lutino

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Tiel_grey_2_tmb.jpg (8361 bytes)   feather20.gif (1217 bytes)  Normal Grey
  feather20.gif (1217 bytes)  Lutino at 3-4 weeks
goblin_101201_1.jpg (35472 bytes)   feather20.gif (1217 bytes)  Yellow Cheek Cinnamon Pied
  feather20.gif (1217 bytes)  Cinnamon Pearl 

wfPearlHen052701.jpg (27036 bytes)

feather20.gif (1217 bytes)  Whiteface Pearl 
wfCinnPied012901.jpg (72452 bytes) feather20.gif (1217 bytes)  Whiteface Cinnamon Pied

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