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Madison Area Cagebird Association of Wisconsin

About Us

MACAW is dedicated in educating those interested or active in aviculture; improving life for cagebirds; to help preserve threatened or endangered birds in their native habitat through donations to their cause and promotion of captive breeding programs; and advancing the health care of cagebirds through support of avian research.


Every second Sunday of the Month (excluding June, July and August)

Educational Program Starts at 2:30 p.m.
Midvale Community Lutheran Church
4329 Tokay Boulevard, Madison, Wisconsin
Rooms 221-223 (second floor)
Madison, WI

Feathered and unfeathered friends are welcome at our meetings.

More Info

Steve Fitzsimmons MACAW President 

Our website is at 


2003 Schedule of Events

January 12th - Last Chance to Save the Great Green Macaw?

Scientists say we are losing species at an alarming and unprecedented rate. A number of parrot and other bird species are also bound to become casualties unless we act -- and fast. One of the parrot species in extreme danger of becoming extinct is the Great Green Macaw, a majestic creature whose habitats are in Costa Rica. The good news is that there are organizations and individuals dedicated to the protection of this species. On January 12th, we will have the pleasure of learning about the efforts of Friends of the Great Green Macaw, a group based in Madison, that does conservation work in Costa Rica. Aside from discussing behavior, habitat and status of the Great Green Macaw, our presenter Bobbie Webster, will explain other relevant topics, such as how her organization fits into current conservation efforts. You can learn more about Friends of the Great Green Macaw by visiting their website at

February 9th - Stanley Temple, PhD, of the UW-Madison Wildlife Ecology Department. Visit him online at  Topic: To be announced.

March 9th - Naya Brangenberg, of the UW-Madison Veterinary Medical School. Topic: Research involving the endangered Kakapo parrot of New Zealand.

April 13th - Allison Shreve and Maria Verbrugge, students at the UW-Madison Veterinary Medical School, and this year's externship recipients. Topics: To be announced.

May 3rd (Saturday) - Our seminar, which will be held at the Dane County Humane Society.

June 8th - Presenter or field trip.



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